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    Judging the Fit of a Copy Editor

    Smart businesses seek out the services of a copy editor because everyone in a company can use a second set of eyes. Yes, you want to avoid embarrassing mistakes, but that’s more the job of a proofreader...

    Fun with Translation — Google Style

    Translation is a super-growth industry. Data from the US Department of Labour shows a 100 percent increase in the number of people employed in the translation industry over the past seven years, and 24...

    Don’t trust an AI copywriter

    Last month, Chinese mega-publisher Alibaba unveiled their own virtual copywriter. It’s a computer program that they claim can generate 20,000 words of copy per second. Their promise to advertisers is...

    Language Legends — Cicero

    As copywriters, copyeditors, proofreaders and translators, our heroes are people with a gift for words. In this new regular addition to our blog, we’ll be looking at the men and women whose voices transcend...