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    • The Globe and Mail asked us about ChatGPT. We were honest.

      Like most people, we were blown away in November 2022 when ChatGPT hit the market. Unlike most people, it represented the first possible existential threat to our business. So, like the responsible business owners we are, we leaned into ChatGPT AI copywriting, learned how to use it and identified its current limitations. By the time…… READ MORE

    • Why Your Company Needs a Unique Message

      You can spend all your money to be on every prospective customer’s TV, radio, laptop, tablet or phone. But it will all be wasted money if you don’t have a unique message for your prospects. A Unique Message Gives People a Reason to Care And the best way to get them to care is to…… READ MORE

    • Is the “Content Writer” in Jeopardy?

      Anyone who writes for a living (from the content writer to the screen writer) has had to look deep into their souls over the last few months. “What does AI mean for our jobs?” “Will… READ MORE

    • Long-Form Content: What Is It, Why You Need It, and Why You Shouldn’t Use AI To Create It

      Ask two people about long-form content and you’ll likely get two different answers. Ask two people about AI, and you’ll definitely get two different answers. Ask them about where the two intersect, and they’ll tell… READ MORE

    • Why Marketing Departments Should Invest in Quality Proofreading

      After investing in quality copywriting, the choice to invest in quality proofreading is the best thing you can do for your message. The breakneck speed at which marketing departments often move can make it hard… READ MORE

    • 5 Pieces of Internal Communication Every Company Should Have

      Internal communication are the pieces of copywriting only seen by a company’s employees. These five pieces will lay the foundation for how your employees think, act and feel. Anything anyone wants to know about who and what… READ MORE

    • What can quality copywriting do for your brand?

      Rob Howard, a friend and mentor to Re:word, said that before someone buys from you, they have to buy into you. The value you add to them has to be clear. Your story has to… READ MORE

    • Good Copy Starts with a Good Copy Deck Template

      A copy deck is a Word document with the copy for a piece. Copy will usually stay in deck form until it’s approved by all stakeholders, then copied and past-ed into the design. Interestingly, the… READ MORE

    • Proofreading. Copyediting. Line editing. Explained.

      When clients come to us for editing, they’re coming for one of three services: Proofreading Proofreading lets you sleep at night knowing the copy was exactly what it needed to be, with no errors. Proofreaders… READ MORE

    • 5 unexpected ways hiring a copy editor can improve your writing

      When most people think of hiring a copy editor, it’s for finding and fixing mistakes before the piece in question is published with them, costing more than a few dollars to fix and making everyone… READ MORE

    • Outsource copywriting? Yes, brand managers can do that too.

      Yeah, we’re talking to you, the brand manager or agency client service manager choosing not to outsource copywriting and instead staying up till all hours trying to write good copy. We know you hate doing… READ MORE

    • 2 Reasons to Avoid Keyword Stuffing in your SEO Copywriting

      Keyword stuffing is when you overuse a target keyword. It’s among the more costly errors you can make in content marketing and search engine optimization for two reasons: readers don’t like it and Google’s search… READ MORE

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