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    Brand Messaging, Content Writing, Copywriting,
    Copyediting, Proofreading and French Translation
    Choose your words wiselyTM


    Professional messaging experts solving professional problems.

    The right words get you what you want:

    Sales. Shares. Investment. Applause. Approvals. A paid internship. A free birthday ice cream when it’s not your birthday. A dream job offer. A second date. Shotgun. An extra day to study for the exam. A jump to the front of the line. An ideal prospect’s email or phone number. Alignment on a move-forward plan. A chance to present. The restaurant you wanted to go to tonight. The Cadbury secret. Early Christmas presents. Back-stage passes. The keys to your dad’s sports car. A public apology. Boardwalk for Baltic. A meeting with the big fish. Early admission. A few more days to pay back the loan. Repeat business. A promotion. A better deal. Comfort to those in need. The last dance. The new James Bond video game. Respect.

    Get it all with a tight message in English or French.

    Everything about marketing and communications is easier with a locked-down message.

    • Your designers will have the thought-starters they need.
    • Your UX and product developers will have a clear path to follow.
    • Your salespeople will have the arguments to handle objections.
    • Your recruiters will have highlights to sell strong candidates.
    • And your AI will have unique, original messaging to start with.

    Writers and editors work together so your messaging gets two sets of eyes, each with a unique perspective. The teamwork comes through in the copy and how our content writers, copywriters, copyeditors and French translators bring individual skills to the collective process.

    To get us working, call or email with your request, any files, style guides, instructions and deadlines. We’ll have a kick-off call where appropriate to get us all on the same page, and we’ll be up front if we can’t meet your requirements or timelines.



    Gina is our managing editor and head of operations. She knows how to get the best out of people, and out of every ingredient in her kitchen. Nothing leaves the agency without her final blessing.


    Dan is our head copywriter and laterally-thinking, left-handed creative lead. He mentors our writers, composes our original music (for now) and never passes up a chance to talk Detroit Lions football.


    Martine is our lead translator. She thinks fluently in English and French, can capture the magic of both languages, and she has a Bachelor of Translation from the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières.

    Di Iorio

    Arielle is an English-to-French translator with a gift for perfectly capturing modern French colloquialisms. She has a Linguistics degree from Concordia University and a specialized translation diploma from Université de Montréal.


    Natalie is a travel addict, a runner, a coffee lover and a bilingual French/English proofreader with over 16 years of experience in the pharma, financial and marketing sectors. She has a Professional Translation Certificate in French from the University of Toronto.


    Nathalie is a fully bilingual proofreader and copyeditor who found her way to proofreading after completing her BSc in Zoology, then spending ten years in movie advertising. To spend more time with her daughter snow ploughing on the bunny hill, she pivoted to medical proofreading.

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