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    Messaging in action

    National Ballet of Canada

    The National Ballet was having trouble selling the art of ballet. We shifted their messaging towards the story. Ticket sales increased by 7 percent, and walk-up ticket sales increased by 12 percent. See how we raised the bar.

    national ballet of canada


    BDO needed a cornerstone piece they could use to start a conversation with cannabis companies. So we helped give them one. See how we elevated the discourse.

    The University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Education

    U of T knew their brand added value to a resume and needed messaging that conveyed that without tooting their own horn. Our solution was to toot it gracefully. Hear how we classed it up:


    Onlia Insurance needed a TV script to promote both home and car insurance, while staying within a visual construct specifically for car insurance. A clever script and simple story solved the problem. See how we drove traffic.

    CUPE 38

    CUPE 38 needed messaging specific to their mission but broad enough to be malleable as their priorities evolved. And it had to be punchy. We gave them a solid one-two. See how we rallied the people.

    Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC)

    TRIEC was putting together a stakeholder report and needed many contributors’ voices woven into one cohesive piece. See how we unified their tone.

    Canadian Conference of Health Leaders

    The CCHL wanted members who missed their annual conference to get the broad strokes. We attended, took notes, got involved and captured their main messages in four writeups. Read the summaries.

    French’s Ketchup

    French’s Ketchup wanted to celebrate their Canadian heritage in no uncertain terms. We squeezed out a few interesting ways of connecting restaurant patrons to the local brand. See how we poured it on.

    covenant house

    Covenant House

    Covenant House chooses us to convince francophone Canadians that ending the cycle of youth homelessness and abuse is a cause worth supporting. It seems to be working. See how we helped fundraise in Quebec.


    An agency partner needed messaging that rose to the level of their design chops. See the results of our collaboration.


    Airplane noise was causing problems for the Greater Toronto Airport Authority’s community relations team. They needed messaging to mitigate complaints from the neighbourhood. See how we quieted an angry lot.



    Rogers employees weren’t getting the cyber security message and security breaches were increasing. We took a more inviting approach and IT noticed immediate behavioural change. See how we piqued interest.


    Workopolis needed student-centric messaging. We gave students different reasons to look for jobs, and traffic shattered projections by 15+ percent. See how we spoke young’un.

    More messaging that matters

    If it’s on the list, we can do it. If it’s not on the list, we can probably still do it. Either way, let’s talk.