Good Copy Starts with a Good Copy Deck Template

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Good Copy Starts with a Good Copy Deck Template

A copy deck is a Word document with the copy for a piece. Copy will usually stay in deck form until it’s approved by all stakeholders, then copied and past-ed into the design.

Interestingly, the term “deck” dates to the mid 20th century when presentation slides were stacked next to a projector like a deck of cards. Eventually, the in-dividual pieces that made up the final design were called decks as well (copy decks, strategy decks, pitch decks, etc.).

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Outsource copywriting? Yes, brand managers can do that too.

Yeah, we’re talking to you, the brand manager or agency client service manager choosing not to  outsource copywriting and instead staying up till all hours trying to write good copy.

We know you hate doing it, and we don’t blame you. Writing good copy is hard. It’s not something you just wake up in the morning and excel at any more than waking up and deciding to crown a tooth or run electrical through your house.

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What you should know about becoming a copywriter

On the last day of most copywriting courses, the program director will put all the students together in a room and tell them what to expect from becoming a copywriter at an ad agency.

If they’re honest, it’ll sound like the most cutthroat, back-stabbing, ego-fuelled mess of a life one could imagine. And if the students are honest, they’re all itching to get out there.

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How to Improve Your Email Open Rates without Spending Any Money

Hubspot’s latest research into email marketing puts the general B2X email open rates at 20.94 percent. This means you’re wasting your energy on at least 65 percent of your audience. That seems rather silly and worth changing. Here’s how to raise your email open rates:

Be a solution

Demonstrate (a) that you understand your reader’s position and (b) that you can improve it. Whether they’re in a state of need or want will determine how you speak to them, which was the subject of our latest blog post. 

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The first best teacher I ever had

I don’t normally break character on our blog, but this warranted something from the heart: Ihor Pelech, my Grade 9 English teacher, passed away.

I was deeply affected by this news because of how deeply Mr. Pelech affected and impacted me.

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