Stumbling across good copywriting is such a treat.

It really can make your day too, because you’re not expecting it. You lean into it. You’re emotionally affected by it — which doesn’t necessarily mean you’re “emotional” about it. Happy is a powerful emotion because you like the person making you feel good. And we buy from people we like.

It happens to everyone who picks up a bottle of Old Spice men’s shampoo and cares enough to read the back:

old spice

Imagine how many different blurbs for the back of Old Spice Krakengärd Body Wash were presented to the creative director by the copywriter before this little gem of self-awareness was chosen. Then imagine how many managers and directors had to approve it before it was locked and printed.

It was clearly worth the effort. It’s excellent copy and made this author giggle enough to give it a shot. $6.99? No problem. $12.99 for two? Why not?

Good copywriting is where you least expect it

In this case, it’s in a local newspaper for an independent restaurant in the suburbs.

vegetarian restaurant

Think about the other messages this lives beside in a community publication. It would’ve been easy for the owners of XXI Chophouse to serve up more of the same. They took a chance. Good for them.

And sometimes, good copywriting isn’t even “copywriting”

In May of 2020, Sol Birenbaum, an owner of Camp Walden, a summer camp in Ontario, had to let families know that camp was going be cancelled for the summer because of COVID.

This author, whose kids go to this camp, received an email with the news on May 19th, 2020. A section of the email read this way:

“Many of you have written to us and said, Please… if camp is cancelled, help me tell my kids.” We heard you. I prepared a letter to them and it is attached. I hope you will vet it and then consider reading it to your child(ren) if it is helpful. No matter how young or old they are, we suggest that you read it to them… with my Friday Night dramatic pauses” and all.

a letter

This passage above is itself excellent copywriting. It creates a connection to the reader and directs a specific action. Then came the letter:

another letter
Good copywriting — Sol's letter Pt 3

It so easily and effortlessly meets readers where they are — just like good copywriting.

We sat down with its author to discuss how it was written, and what other marketers can learn from this example of “writing for a moment,” when you have one chance to nail it and you don’t have the luxury of time.

Enjoy the interview, and enjoy Sol. He’s an amazing man, an excellent orator and (as it turns out) a helluva good copywriter.