Yeah, we’re talking to you, the brand manager or agency client service manager choosing not to outsource copywriting and instead staying up till all hours trying to write good copy.

We know you hate doing it, and we don’t blame you. Writing good copy is hard. It’s not something you just wake up in the morning and excel at any more than waking up and deciding to crown a tooth or run electrical through your house.

You shouldn’t be copywriting any more than a fish should be climbing a tree. Yet there you are, at 11:14 pm, writing copy.

So why aren’t you outsourcing to a copywriter?

All we can tell you is why our clients weren’t outsourcing copywriting. It was usually one of these reasons:

  • They didn’t think they had enough in their budget for actual copywriters.
  • They had a stable of copywriters, too much work coming in for all the writers to handle and not enough time to hire more.
  • They liked someone’s quippy reply on an all-staff email thread and thought that was good enough to give them the additional role of copywriter.

Whatever the reason, our client knew some or all of their copy wasn’t being written as well as it could have been, so they did something about it. You can, too.

What happens when you outsource copywriting?

You have more time at the end of the day because you’re not working two jobs, and you’re not doing those two jobs for a one-job salary.

You’re not racking your brain and reading people like Neil Patel trying to come up with clever copy. You’re not scouring online thesauri for words. And you’re not sitting at your desk hating what you wrote while beating yourself up for not knowing how to make it better.

Instead, you’re being surprised and delighted by a professional copywriter who captures exactly what you’re thinking in a simple, head turning, thought-provoking way.

Finally (and maybe most importantly), when you’re not doing the copywriting yourself, the results improve.

A good copywriter is a master of persuasion and a student of human behaviour. They’ll get to know what your prospect needs to become a customer and craft your messaging accordingly.

So, how do you outsource copywriting?

The first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one. And if you’re writing copy off hours for any reason, you have a problem.

Next, find a copywriter. We know one who can help you.

Then, let your new copywriter know what you want. This can be challenging if you have to see something to know if you like it. This is a common situation for most brand managers who are exposed to so much copy every day and have to give so many opinions that that they lose track of what they actually like or what actually moves them.

For this reason, start by collecting examples of writing you do like. They can be from anywhere, they don’t have to be marketing samples and they don’t even have to be relevant to what you’re doing. It could be anything from a white paper to a birthday card. A good copywriter will see what’s being done in the samples you provide, find the commonalities between them and use the inspiration you provide to create a unique messaging style.

Lastly, give your copywriter something to say. That’s it. Not so hard, right?

When should you outsource copywriting?

That depends on how quickly you want to see better results. Most brand managers and agency client service managers will answer “yesterday” to that question.

Ready to outsource copywriting?

Let’s talk about freeing up some of your time.