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    Brand Messaging, Content Writing, Copywriting,
    Copyediting, Proofreading and French Translation
    Choose your words wiselyTM


    Nail your message
    when it matters most.

    Core Messaging Services

    Words for the yes you want.

    Command attention. Compel action. And keep your audience dialled in all the way to yes. Fill a blank page with original messaging you’ll be proud to share with the world.

    A green light you can trust.

    Sleep easier knowing your grammar, spelling and punctuation are sound, your messaging is consistent with the style guide and files are delivered with confidence.

    Tight messaging for a clean delivery.    

    Less jargon. More punch. Faster paths to points. Human edits for human readers who’ll appreciate a clear message they can understand the first time.

    French Translation:
    Adaptations that feel original.

    Match the English’s tone, intent, persuasiveness and emotional centre so you get the same reactions and results from your Francophone audiences.



    The brand messaging cheat sheet.

    All your value propositions from contact to contract in a single document that will guide every aspect of your marketing effort.


    External editors for internal communications.

    Get your first thoughts turned into first drafts, your first drafts taken to final or your final draft proofed for presentation.


    Coverage for agencies in a pinch.

    Swamped with work? Lost resources to another agency? Not a writer? Your clients won’t know the difference and your team won’t feel short-staffed.

    Get your message right at the outset and everything else gets easier:


    Your creative teams will have a tone to match and a defined sandbox to play in, so they spend more time on the right paths.


    Your sales teams will have a strong pitch for any occasion and powerful proof points to reinforce your difference so their conversations last longer.


    You’ll have tight answers to any question about your business so you can walk confidently into every room.


    Your UX and product teams will have a destination to aim for and a feeling to capture so they’re building what the audience needs.


    Your hiring teams will have defined values to look for, so they have more success finding candidates who fit.

    And yes, even AI

    You’ll have distinctive hooks and ideas to feed your AI, so the main message is uniquely yours even if the filler content isn’t.


    For confidence in what you say and how it lands.

    Our clients trust us to deliver different or differently.

    Our clients recognize that real personality can only come from a person.

    Our clients walk into any conversation with proof points for their proof points.  

    Our clients’ audiences understand the first time.

    Our clients know their truth is compelling enough.

    Our clients sleep well knowing their messages are mistake-free.

    We respond promptly, take feedback professionally and deliver on time. It’s why our clients have stuck around for 15+ years.

    In our clients’ words…

    Re:word has provided us with terrific French communications services. They have been effective in delivering timely, high-quality translations that capture the essence of the often very technical, scientific English text we provide to them. As a French speaker, it’s clear to see that Re:word puts in the time and effort required to produce excellent and accurate work, and I trust their ability to complete a wide range of translation projects.

    Michelle Wilson

    Senior Program Lead, Communications • Ontario Brain Institute

    My boss was told by the meeting organizers at Université de Montreal that the level of translation provided was one of the best they had ever seen!

    Anna Cyriac

    Research Analyst • University Health Network

    Re:word has been a tremendous asset to our news organization by providing reliable professional editing at a set time each and every weekday morning. As well, Re:word’s email responses and turnaround times have been consistently quick, which is vital for a time-sensitive operation like ours.

    Robert McLister

    Editor • Canadian Mortgage Trends

    Re:word is business savvy. They translate the business objective of our content strategy into the down-to-earth language that our target audience understands in a creative and effective manner. And they are fun to work with as well, so that never hurts.

    Eran Farajun

    Executive Vice President • Asigra

    Delivering the right content to our audiences is a critical component of providing first-class service, and we are committed to continually delivering. Re:word has been an important part of helping us keep up with the demand for relevant content across multiple industries in a fast-changing world.

    Alison Drover

    National Content Marketing Manager • BDO Canada LLP

    It is always a pleasure to work with Re:word and their educated team and translators! Re:word has been translating our newsletters, social media posts, website copy and more for years. They have worked hard to make sure our brand’s messaging and goals are well translated to our guests. They greatly support their clients, and we can always count on them to get our projects done on time.

    Kaitlyn Severin

    Marketing Coordinator • THE TEN SPOT

    Re:word took the time to research our offering and understand our business. Not an easy task in our space. They then managed to distill our message into simple, compelling language that moves the needle, also not an easy task in our space.

    Brent Campbell

    Director, Product & Marketing • Wysdom AI

    We challenged Re:word with writing a high volume of very similar content for three different sub-brands of a major Canadian airline. The content was well-researched, nuanced and catered to each brand’s audience without sounding redundant. They’re skilled, reliable, professional, responsive, receptive to feedback and a pleasure to work with.

    Cate Cadbury

    Head of Creative Services • Mediative

    It has been such a pleasure working with the team at Re:word. They consistently deliver timely and exceptional French translations for all our translation needs: web content, marketing collateral, fundraising materials, training documents, etc. It’s clear that their team is extremely detail-oriented and committed to excellent customer service, which is reflected in all the work they do for our organization.

    Tracie LeBlanc

    Associate Director of Communications • Covenant House Toronto

    Re:word has helped us craft our messages to be clearly understood by and engaging for our market. Their attention to detail and editing skills ensure that our copy reflects the excellent quality of our programs.

    Christine Brooks-Cappadocia

    Associate Director, Marketing & Enrolment Management School of Continuing Studies • York University

    I can’t believe the sheer volume of work Re:word is able to deal with on a weekly basis. They make sure we don’t spend a penny on re-printing because of a typo. I would wholeheartedly recommend Re:word to anyone looking for a true partner who delivers every time.

    Bryan Tenenhouse

    Vice President, Chief Creative Officer • Stephen Thomas Ltd

    Re:word brings an energy to the brainstorming and messaging process that pays creative dividends.

    Brennan Kelly

    Senior Manager, Marketing, Merchandising & Public Relations, Marketing Communications • LCBO

    We can confidently send a document to a client knowing that if Re:word has proofread it, there will be no errors, and if there is a better way of saying something, they will suggest it.

    Kim Campbell

    P&G Account Director • Match Marketing Group

    Re:word took what I was thinking and made it sing. They’re amazing and so easy to work with. I look forward to reading everything they write for us.

    Robyn Connelly

    Director, Community Relations • Greater Toronto Airport Authority

    Onlia engaged Re:word as a content creation partner for our online magazine. We had previously been working with a variety of freelancers including SMEs and former journalists, but quickly realized the superior quality of the premium content we got from Re:word. We consolidated all our content with Re:word and even expanded our scope with them to include cross-channel writing. Re:word executes our SEO-optimized magazine content with ease, bringing flare to insurance narratives.

    Julia Stein

    Senior Communications Lead • Onlia

    And in our words…

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    make-or-break messaging?

    Worse than forgettable messaging is similar messaging to your competitor. That’s a real possibility with AI, and a real turnoff for a captive audience — especially if your competitor gets to pitch before you.

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