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Choose your words wisely.

The words you need
for the response you want

Sales. Clicks. Shares. Applause. Approvals. The pretty girl. Whatever.

Our writers, editors, proofreaders and translators keep readers reading,

listeners listening and heads nodding all the way to a yes.

We got hired for a eulogy last year. It killed.

Our newsletter is great bathroom reading

The words you need
for the response you want

They can get you anything you want:

Sales. Clicks. Applause. The pretty girl. Whatever.

If you have something to say, we’ll help you say it better.

And tighter. And cleaner.

In English. Or French.

And with no mistakes.

We’ll make your boring brilliant. Your complicated easy.

And we’ll make you proud of everything you put out there.

We can write, copyedit, proofread and translate anything.

We got hired for a eulogy last year. It killed.

Our newsletter is great bathroom reading

The words
you need


If you’re not sure you can write wicked copy but your business needs it or your client wants it or your future depends on it, don’t settle for blah.


If typos and inconsistencies in your work make you feel like this, our proofreaders or copyeditors will review your work thought by thought, line by line and ® by ®.


If your French sucks, our translators will get your message ready for the national market with copy that doesn’t feel like a translation.

The response
you want


Your words will drive your prospects down the sales funnel, and your competitors up the wall.


Your clients will love the words you show them. Your art directors will appreciate how tightly we can write to their layouts.


We’ll make your readers want to read what you write, even if they have to.

Our clients are

because they say
awesome things

Re:word has helped us craft our messages to be clearly understood by and engaging for our market. Their attention to detail and editing skills ensure that our copy reflects the excellent quality of our programs.
Christine Brooks-Cappadocia • Associate Director, Marketing & Enrolment Management School of Continuing Studies • York University