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Why Your Company Needs a Unique Message

You can spend all your money to be on every prospective customer’s TV, radio, laptop, tablet or phone. But it will all be wasted money if you don’t have a unique message for your prospects.

A Unique Message Gives People a Reason to Care

And the best way to get them to care is to show them (a) why their tomorrow will be better with your product or service in their lives, and (b) why they won’t get that feeling of satisfaction/improvement/hope anywhere else.

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Long-Form Content: What Is It, Why You Need It, and Why You Shouldn’t Use AI To Create It

Ask two people about long-form content and you’ll likely get two different answers. Ask two people about AI, and you’ll definitely get two different answers. Ask them about where the two intersect, and they’ll tell you they have no idea anymore, given the hullaballoo created by recent AI releases.

What is long-form content?

The definitions differ, but the consensus is that long-form content is written text of around 1000 words or more.

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Good Copy Starts with a Good Copy Deck Template

A copy deck is a Word document with the copy for a piece. Copy will usually stay in deck form until it’s approved by all stakeholders, then copied and past-ed into the design.

Interestingly, the term “deck” dates to the mid 20th century when presentation slides were stacked next to a projector like a deck of cards. Eventually, the in-dividual pieces that made up the final design were called decks as well (copy decks, strategy decks, pitch decks, etc.).

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