Tips to Adding Oomph to your Writing

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Tips to Adding Oomph to your Writing

Tips to Adding Oomph to your WritingWe’re not always so lucky as to be able to write about compelling and interesting topics. In fact, most of the time our topics aren’t exactly inclined to get the blood pumping. But our writing shouldn’t have to reflect that. With the intention of getting lots of people to read what we write, we want to make it a good experience for them.

Just imagine that you’re the one who’s reading. Would you read until the end, or would you stop in the middle of the first paragraph thinking it’s too boring to deserve your time?

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Check The Facts

Check The FactsSomeone is reading your company blog, and they see your reference to an accomplishment from last year. They want to learn more about it, as it piques their interest, so they click on the embedded link. To their disappointment, the link they clicked is no longer available and they give up on the subject entirely.

That’s all it takes for someone to turn away. And you certainly don’t want that!

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The Difference Adding an –e Makes

The Difference Adding an –e MakesNot only does adding an e at the end of a word change the pronunciation in many cases, it also changes the meaning of the word entirely. This is an all-too-common mistake that we thought was worth bringing attention to. This is also a case where autocorrect doesn’t have your back. Because, with or without an e, these words aren’t misspelled. So it’s up to you to know the differences. And we’re here to show you.

To illustrate these differences, the following examples will be used to demonstrate the impact of adding an e:

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