Someone is reading your company blog, and they see your reference to an accomplishment from last year. They want to learn more about it, as it piques their interest, so they click on the embedded link. To their disappointment, the link they clicked is no longer available and they give up on the subject entirely.

That’s all it takes for someone to turn away. And you certainly don’t want that!

Fact checking is a very important component of editing that deserves your attention. Properly and accurately presented information is a responsibility of both the publisher and the editor in question.

You want to ensure quality of information and research, as it’s a reflection of your business. The last thing you want is someone clicking on a link that doesn’t work, or coming across information that is put in the wrong context. You want to keep your credibility at its absolute highest.

When dealing with things like fine print, numbers, links and legal particulars, it’s easy to overlook a detail. And that detail can cost you more than you think. A second and third set of eyes is absolutely essential when checking facts.

You want that link to take your reader to exactly where they expect to go. You want all your numbers to add up. You want your prospective customers and clients to have the right address so they can find you.

Editors check far more than just your spelling and grammar (also important things to check). Don’t neglect the details — entrust a professional to check the facts.