We’re not always so lucky as to be able to write about compelling and interesting topics. In fact, most of the time our topics aren’t exactly inclined to get the blood pumping. But our writing shouldn’t have to reflect that. With the intention of getting lots of people to read what we write, we want to make it a good experience for them.

Just imagine that you’re the one who’s reading. Would you read until the end, or would you stop in the middle of the first paragraph thinking it’s too boring to deserve your time?

Of course you want to stay entertained (if only somewhat). So, here are a few tips to add a bit of life to writing subject matter that can be dreary at best.

Make it sound more human

It’s a good habit to remind ourselves that we’re human beings interacting with other human beings. Funny how we tend to overlook that fact, isn’t it? If the context allows for it, write the way you would talk to someone. And not just anyone — someone whom you enjoy having a conversation with. Writing is, after all, a conversation. Use more contractions. Keep it casual. Keep it simple. And think of how you could structure a sentence in a way that would make someone smile.

Play with tone

Just because you’re writing about something boring doesn’t mean it has to sound boring. Unless you’re restricted to a specific tone (pertaining to a brand’s voice), try to colour outside the lines, so to speak. Pretend you’re writing in another dialect or accent. Instead of using third-person narrative, switch to first-person by using words like I, we, us, etc. Just be careful not to go overboard with it. But you’ll never know what overboard is until you start experimenting.

Explore the wonders of verbiage

The English language has the most abundant vocabulary of any other spoken or written language — and by a long shot. So it’s not really an acceptable excuse to say you can’t find the right word for something. There are plenty of words to choose from. All have their own intricacies and undertones. And that can work to your advantage. So try to use some new words in your everyday vernacular. It’s a great way to add dynamic to writing.

Any of these tips should help you get the ball rolling. Keep in mind not to overthink it. Just keep it simple and try to have fun with it. Writing is a form of art. Treat it as such, and you’ll end up with pieces you’re proud to show off.