Chances are, if you’re in the business of writing in virtually any capacity you will benefit from a professional editing service.  For many writers and businesses, editing becomes more of an afterthought to the wonderful, thought-provoking concept of the piece that has just been written.

In reality, quality editing means a quality piece of work and may even help drive the response rate if that is the type of writing you’re doing.  In the end, it’s all about results and our editing services can influence the results of several types of documents. 

Web Copy

In the modern business world, your website is a complete representation of your company or organization and it’s out there for anyone to see, anytime they want.

If it is littered with grammatical errors and other mistakes, it is going to reflect poorly on you.  Your web visitors form their opinions quickly and if your site isn’t edited well, they’re going to assume you’re unprofessional and click elsewhere.


A newsletter is kind of like a website in reverse.  Rather than people looking for what you offer and finding you, a newsletter usually goes out to them.  Sometimes they are subscription-based, sometimes they are free to take from a retail store and sometimes they are sent out through an email campaign.  No matter how they find the reader, if they have mistakes or are difficult to read, your audience won’t bother reading them anymore.

Training Manuals

So, you want your new or prospective employees to learn your way of doing things and buy into the company culture.  A training manual is a great way to go, but you aren’t likely to win too many loyal converts if it hasn’t been properly edited.

Marketing Copy

When you write an ad or a sales letter or a lead-generating email, you want the person reading it to take a certain action.  It may be to call or make a purchase or visit a website or sign up for a list.  However, if they are too busy marveling at how you managed to miss the mistakes in your own copy, the message is probably lost.

Academic Papers

There’s no easier way to get a bad grade than to write and submit papers, essays and reports that have grammatical, punctuation or organizational errors. When producing academic documents, the goal is to appear intelligent and well-spoken (or written!). If your paper has a bunch of mistakes in it, it will be the last thing your instructor will think about you, or want to read.


Manuscripts for novels, short stories and self-help or how-to books need editing before they are sent to a publisher.  It doesn’t matter what the topic is or how long it is, it needs editing.  If you write any kind of book you will require careful editing not only for mistakes, but also for style and the overall concept.

If you have written or are planning to write any of these kinds of documents, give us a call or fill out our online quote form.  You’ll be happy you did!