If there is one thing you really don’t want to get wrong in business copy, it’s the translation of information to a different language.  There is no better way to offend large groups of people than to translate a marketing message, essay, website or report incorrectly.  Sometimes, an improperly translated document isn’t just a little different than it was intended to be.  Sometimes it has a completely different meaning that can leave you and your company looking foolish.  In Canada, we have two official languages and the translation is often from English to French.  Here’s what to look for when choosing English-to-French translation services.


Yes, you want to know that the company you’ve chosen for your English-to-French translation has done this before.  A translation service with relevant English-to-French experience is one that has ‘seen it all before’ so to speak, and won’t be surprised or caught off guard by any unexpected nuances that might come up.


Of course, lots of experience doing a poor job isn’t going to help you much, so look for a translation service that has a solid reputation in the industry.  Look through testimonials on a website, read online reviews or ask for references and sample work before you get started with the project.


A good English-to-French translation service is an accurate English-to-French translation service.  Here at Re:word, we have translators that are native French speakers from Quebec, native English speakers and the fluently bilingual.  This way, you will know that every phrase has retained its intended meaning and is 100 percent accurate.  Relevant experience plus a strong reputation and accurate translation means a translation service you can count on.

Before you ask that bilingual guy in your office to translate your document, consider hiring a professional translation service so you can feel confident in your English-to-French translation.

Contact us today. Our prices are competitive and you’ll never have to worry about sounding foolish in either language.