If you own or manage a business, think of all the different types of written communication that go out into the world each day with your company name on them.  This may include website copy, blog posts, newsletters, advertisements, presentations, white papers and brochures.  You may even provide training manuals and other long-form copy that’s intended to teach or enlighten employees or your prospective customers.

When you sit back and look at everything, it’s quite a list.  And most of it is likely produced and sent out without the benefit of a professional editing service.  Sure, you may have a few people on staff that have a way with words, but you may be selling yourself short. 

The Benefits

Even though much of business writing and communication is designed to elicit a response and get results, and not win grammatical awards, professional editing still offers many benefits.  Editing is about much more than just adding a comma here or there and making sure all of your ‘T’s are crossed.

As a business, one thing that you really can’t afford is for your prospective customers and clients not to take you seriously.  Professional editing services will make your copy and business correspondences seem more intelligent and more professional, which will in turn help those prospects and colleagues take what you say seriously.  From a simple brochure all the way to a complex presentation, professional editing will help.  If you’re ever in the position where members of the public don’t consider you a ‘real’ business because your ads, newsletters, websites and letters have noticeable mistakes, you’ll feel the pain.

It’s Just Smart Business

No matter what else is going on with your products, services and pricing, people feel that the least you can do as a business is to produce clean, professional copy.  If you can’t clean up mistakes in the content you produce, how are you going to provide quality products and services?  This may not actually be true, so don’t let it be the perception people have of your business.

Outsourcing parts of your business to experts is nothing new, and many people call it ‘smart business.’  You are an expert in your business, so why not focus on what you do best and leave the editing and proofreading to us?

The fact that businesses engage in so many different types of written communication is a big reason why professional editing makes sense.  Take a few minutes and fill out our form to get a detailed quote, or give us a call to talk it over.  There’s nothing to lose, except for all of those mistakes in your business communications.