Chances are, if you have gone through a traditional upbringing that includes attending elementary school, high school and some form of post-secondary school, you’ve written plenty of essays.  The essay is often used as a benchmark to develop a student’s writing, editing, analyzing, comparing and contrasting skills.  It forces you to think and express and examine your own thoughts, beliefs and ideas.  Of course, for many students these noble attributes are lost and writing an essay is just one of those things that must be done in order to pass a class.

The nature of an essay means that it has to be clear and concise and have a singular focus and direction.  It also means that many people get into difficulty with wandering thoughts, typos, grammatical errors and other issues that make the essay less than it can be.  Luckily, help isn’t too far away.  We aren’t in the essay-writing business, but when it comes to polishing up what you already have, you’re right where you need to be.

You’re Greater than the Sum of Your Typos

Handing in an essay that has a lot of typos can really hurt your overall argument.  Your essay may be brilliant, but even just a few errors can really hurt your credibility — and your grade. When you allow us to get to work on your essay, our editors will clean up all of those unsightly errors line by line and word by word.  Once we’re through, you’ll be left with the original ideas and concepts intact, and only the mistakes will be missing.

The Dreaded ‘P’ Word

Chances are, you’ve included facts and citations in your essay.  And like any good essay writer, your biggest fear when doing research and borrowing facts from other people’s work is plagiarism.  The dreaded ‘P’ word!  Once you are accused of that,  it can be a long climb to get back to the land of respect.  Have no fear, we offer a fact-checking service, which means we will check into your factual claims to make sure everything is as you say it is.

Extra Steps

Every essay has an overriding intention, and we can let you know if yours seems to stray.  We can also edit for design, style and even organization.  The essay is viewed as a whole entity, and once every facet is edited to perfection you will be left with a complete piece of work that you can be proud of.

Of course, the only way we can help is if you show us your essay.  Fill out the form here on the website or give us a call so we can get the process started!