Talking to your Kids about English Class

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Talking to your Kids about English Class

12212474014_523cd63525_bThere comes a point in every high school student’s life when they wonder why they have to take English. “I know how to speak,” they’ll say. “And I know how to write.” How is reading The Stone Angel or another Shakespeare play going to help me?”

And you can say, “Glad you asked.”

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How to Write a Resignation Letter

entrepreneur-593378_960_720As much as you probably can’t wait to drop the bomb and get outta there, the actual drop itself can be a bit daunting when the time comes to resign from your job. You want to word it just right so you leave gracefully and don’t burn any bridges — unless you do want to burn them, in which case, burn away.

Ultimately, you’ve decided to move on to bigger and better prospects and should be a good sport about it. And as horrible as your job may have been, it’s a good play to leave on a positive note because you don’t know when you might cross paths with those people again.

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