We get it. It’s a great gig. Here’s why:

There’s no heavy lifting.

Sure, there’s metaphorical heavy lifting in copywriting, like when you have to find one or two words to (a) express a massive idea and (b) get your reader to take a specific action. Your brain will hurt. But your back won’t.

You’ll learn something new every day.

As a copywriter, your role is to assume the voice of the company. That means you have to know what they know, as well as they know it, so you can talk about it as confidently as they do. In the past year our copywriters have learned:

  • how hot runner machines inject liquid plastic into molds to create kids’ wading pools
  • who is preventing Toronto’s Pearson Airport from becoming the world’s largest airport
  • when the best time of day is to pin a home-decorating-related picture to a Pinterest board
  • why the Great King Zazzdooks cast a spell over the Shinegans of Rolling Forest
  • where the next big boom town is (not at all where you’d think it’d be)
  • what the USA’s new mortgage laws actually mean

And that’s just the tip of it. We can’t think of another profession where you learn more about more. It’s awesome for picking up women at pub trivia nights.

You get to say things you’d never say in polite company

That’s not to say that it’ll ever get printed or published. But we can promise that you’ll NEVER be fired for pushing the envelope. It’s a lot easier to pull you back than to push you farther.

Some of our clients will wish they were you.

Seriously. It’s quite the ego trip. And it’s 100% true. One day, you’ll show up to a client meeting at some stuffy office where everyone’s wearing pleated pants and collared shirts and the only sounds you’ll hear are the hum of the fluorescent lights, the clickity-clack of typing and the occasional phone. You’ll start presenting your work, and based on your tone alone, they’ll know when you leave it’ll be back to your funky office in the funky part of town, whereas they’ll be heading back to Beige City.

You can say goodbye to 9-5.

A lot of “office jobs” claim flexibility, but don’t deliver. Not so with copywriting. If you have a project due Thursday at 2:30, we won’t care where you are and what you’re doing until Thursday at 2:30 — as long as you give us something fabulous.

Ok, so those are the broad strokes of working for Re:word. Want to find out more? Drop us a line or give us a call.