The Beauty and Meaning Behind Your Handwriting

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The Beauty and Meaning Behind Your Handwriting

handwritingOur handwriting says a lot about us. As graphologists (people who analyze handwriting) will tell you, it can reveal thousands of character traits. So you might want to consider typing out that ransom letter to keep the anonymity true.

If you’re familiar with someone’s handwriting, you can tell exactly who wrote it without even reading the text. And that quality makes receiving handwritten cards, letters and thank-yous that much sweeter. We’re all creators of our own distinct typeface — one that varies depending on our age, how much time we have on our hands and what mood we’re in. An angry note will look different than a rushed one, which will look different than one written in a calm zen-like state.

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Watch Your Commands: Ad Words That Bite

Ad WordsWhen you’re advertising to people, you need to be approachable. Think of how you’d talk to someone if you knocked on their door. You have a very short period of valuable time in which to win them over. And you’re in a position where they can slam the door in your face at any given moment — if they open the door at all.

With advertising and marketing communication, you need to tell them what to do without blatantly telling them what to do. And there are much better ways of saying CLICK HERE NOW! or SIGN UP TODAY! without being so invasive. Let’s make it clear that the above examples are NOT the way to do it.

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