Our handwriting says a lot about us. As graphologists (people who analyze handwriting) will tell you, it can reveal thousands of character traits. So you might want to consider typing out that ransom letter to keep the anonymity true.

If you’re familiar with someone’s handwriting, you can tell exactly who wrote it without even reading the text. And that quality makes receiving handwritten cards, letters and thank-yous that much sweeter. We’re all creators of our own distinct typeface — one that varies depending on our age, how much time we have on our hands and what mood we’re in. An angry note will look different than a rushed one, which will look different than one written in a calm zen-like state.

You can immediately tell whether or not you can trust someone by looking at their handwriting. In fact, some employers use it as a way to find their perfect candidate. Because we need even more added pressure.

Big, loose and loopy strokes are distinct of someone who is confident, laid back and goes with the flow. Tiny, structured and dainty strokes are the mark of an introverted genius. Someone who struggles with legibility clearly has more important things on their mind than making their writing readable. Just look at the distinct chicken scratch on your doctor’s note.

The direction your words slant, the spacing between your letters, how you dot your I’s and cross your T’s, whether or not your letters connect and even whether your L’s loops are tight or loose makes a difference in deciphering your personality.

Ever see someone’s handwriting for the first time and think, “This person has beautiful writing, I’d love to get to know them”? Or conversely, “This guy is an absolute disaster.”

You can usually tell the gender of the writer based on how “girly” or “boyish” the writing is. Although, the rugged epitome of a man’s man that is Ernest Hemingway had pretty “girly” writing. Maybe he had a softer side deep down.

The physical act of writing is an extension of our overall mannerisms. If we’re used to being loud and animated, our writing will reflect that. If we’re mousey and quiet, our writing strokes follow suit.

There’s a beautiful quality in being the only one who writes your own specific way. Just like our fingerprints and tones of voice, our handwriting is solely ours. It’s our stamp of recognition and our seal of authenticity. All the more reason to put the phone down and write it out instead.