Bookmark, reminder, confession, lunch note, organizer, art medium — you name it. Post-its have played the role. Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw even got dumped with one. Heck, the notes outlining this blog post were written on one.

It’s crazy how such a simple product plays so many roles in our everyday lives. While both the low-tack adhesive and pale yellow colour were developed by accident, the end result stuck. Pun intended. And they’ve become available in every shape, colour and size you can think of.

So why are Post-its so popular?


They can be used on so many occasions in so many ways. They don’t need instructions. Wherever you need to stick a note, go for it. Offices wouldn’t be the same without them. A lot more would be forgotten without them. They’ve even developed phone and desktop sticky note apps. (You know it’s relevant when Apple’s on board.)


A little paper square with a strip of glue on the back. That’s it. Their simplicity is what makes them so versatile in the first place. Sticky — but not too sticky — and easily re-stickable. Look, they even inspire us to invent new words. We can make Post-its into whatever we want them to be. From a note to a mural, to a brainstorming session to a series of outfits for a fashion runway.


Realistically, anything you need to say to someone should be able to fit on a Post-it. People just like to complicate things. From messages like, “Thanks for last night,” to, “Buy milk,” to, “See me in my office,” a lot can be said with one little note. Thankfully, you don’t have room to beat around the bush. A break-up can consist of hours of back and forth conversation with tears, explanations and over-analyzing. But really, it can be done with a simple, “You’re not worth my time anymore.” Or you can do a quick sketch of a hand giving the middle finger. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?


A note left on your desk saying “you’re cute” can make the most mundane day more interesting. Who wrote it? When did they leave it on my desk? Whose handwriting does it resemble? Who in this office has that colour of Post-its? Time to summon your inner Sherlock Holmes in trying to connect the dots. It’s the anonymity that makes things fun. Even if it is something as mundane as “you’re cute.”

Obviously, we as writers and editors hold Post-its in a special place. Especially the OCD editors who need to have everything organized and colour-coded. But they really do help anyone and everyone stay on top of things.

We love you, Post-its — don’t ever change.