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When our clients let us push it, stuff like this happens.

French’s Ketchup noticed a spike in brand interest when they took over an abandoned Heinz plant in Eastern Ontario. They wanted to leverage that fact with their foodservice clients. Fortunately, the story kind of told itself.

BDO had wide-eyed cannabis companies coming to them every day. They needed a cornerstone piece they could use to start a conversation. So we helped give them one.

LCBO was rethinking the way they wanted to communicate on social. They brought us in to help them have a bit more fun with the messaging while protecting the LCBO voice and commitment to social responsibility. Engagement is up across the board.

The TEN SPOT wanted their snappy vibe to come through in French. We had the perfect translator for them, and she happened to be a customer. It’s cool when that happens.

When cannabis was legalized in Ontario, the OCS chose us to help create their voice. We wrote (and continue to add to) their cannabis education portal and product descriptions.

Covenant House relies on donations to keep its doors open. They chose us to help them convince francophone Canadians that ending the cycle of youth homelessness and abuse is a cause worth supporting. It seems to be working.

The City of Vaughan publishes Celebrate Vaughan once a year to tell the stories that best exemplify the city. We write many of the pieces from scratch, edit the others and proof the entire magazine before print.

This collection of boutique hotels in Toronto hired us to write semi-monthly blog articles for their five properties that made it easier for their guests to explore the city. The job included generating content topics, researching, writing the pieces and proofreading before publishing.

COVID put the restaurant industry in deep-fried trouble. The Takeout Day organizers asked us to help them put a nationwide “save the restos” program together in two weeks. It was an honour to work on this one.

Airplane noise was causing problems for the Greater Toronto Airport Authority’s community relations team. They couldn’t do anything about it, so we helped them explain why it has to happen and what the airport is doing to abate it as best they can.

U of T’s ConEd department was hoping to piggyback off the university’s world-class reputation. They knew having U of T on a resume meant something. The key was conveying that without tooting their own horn. Our solution was to toot it gracefully.

Wysdom AI approaches AI from a unique perspective, but it’s not easy to appreciate the nuances of their offering. We simplified it with a white paper they could readily share with interested but possibly confused prospects about why they’re losing the AI game.

The National Ballet was having trouble selling their art. We recommended they focus on the story and hint at the dance. Ticket sales increased by 7 percent, and walk-up ticket sales increased by over 12 percent.

Rogers was seeing an influx of security breaches due to poor employee compliance. We took a friendlier approach to delivering the message. IT managers noticed an immediate behavioural change.

Workopolis was launching an arm of their business geared to students and needed student-centric messaging. We took a more youth-centric approach, giving students fun reasons to look for jobs. Traffic to Workopolis Campus shattered projections during the campaign’s run by more than 15 percent.

Cassels Brock was opening an office on the Pacific coast and they wanted to make a splash. Rather than create an ad that sounded like it came from a law firm, we gave it a more irreverent feel. The communication helped lead to a very successful first year.

Nestlé Health was shifting their marketing effort from doctors to families. They engaged us to research their products and create credible stories that resonated with consumers. We did, and brand recall improved by double digits.

Asigra relies on email marketing to attract and convert leads, but it wasn’t going too well. Then we took over and the stats made a remarkable recovery.

The Greater Toronto Airport Authority had a robust community development program that nobody knew about because it lacked a brand and a voice. We gave it both. The program’s profile rose dramatically and was recently granted an extra $1M.

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