One driveway south of Milky Way

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One driveway south of Milky Way

We got new office space earlier this year at Queen and Dufferin. That’s in the southwest corner of downtown Toronto, between up-and-coming Parkdale and formerly up-and-coming-but-now-booming Beaconsfield Village.

There really is an alleyway called Milky Way. Our building backs onto it. We’ve yet to find milk in it.

But the front of the building is pretty cool. We have a cute little courtyard lined with trees and greenery in the summer that provides a reprieve from the wind in the winter. We have a covered area complete with bike racks and a few chairs.

But the office itself is the real piece de resistance. We have a 100-square-foot end of a 35,000-square-foot room with brick walls, 35-foot ceilings, three breakout rooms, a sound studio, a ping-pong table and the nicest man at the front desk. His name’s Behrooz and he loves klezmer music.

We were the very first tenants so we got our pick of location. When you come for a visit, you’ll see that we chose our “where” wisely. Seems to be a theme.

Funny thing is that we found this place through an ad on Facebook. We tell ourselves that Facebook ads don’t work. That we’d never actually click on one. Well, we did. And we bought. Facebook ads worked on us. Good thing too, because Dan owns a bit of stock.

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