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    Brand Messaging, Content Writing, Copywriting,
    Copyediting, Proofreading and French Translation
    Choose your words wiselyTM


    Present better.

    Your presentation copy will have:

    • More slides with less copy per slide so the messaging has space to breathe
    • A flow that keeps audiences nodding along without nodding off
    • Credible, well-researched support for made claims
    • Clear reasons for your audiences to buy in, and what they can expect if they do
    • Corresponding speaking notes (if necessary) to pull the presentation together
    • No mistakes so you’re not embarrassed at the front of the room

    Your presentation copy will be written for the audience.

    It can be brief and punchy. It can be detailed and research heavy. It can be a hard push or a soft sell. But it will always respect the time and sensibilities of the people you’re presenting to, so they’re more likely to stay interested and get on board.

    Your presentation copy will have your brand language weaved through it.

    It’s important because a presentation is another touchpoint for audiences to get a feel for your sense and sensibilities. And it’s especially important when the presentation is a prospect’s first exposure to your vibe.

    We’re not married to “perfect grammar” in a presentation.

    We’re not into the idea that putting your best foot forward means being stuffy, corporate and dry. If you’re loose, the audience will loosen up. And if you don’t think a prospect will appreciate your authenticity, do you really want to be pitching them?

    Your presentation copy will be easy for a reading audience to digest.

    It will respect their time by getting to the point quickly and making the case clearly. The links to supporting facts will all work. The math will all add up. And neither your readers nor your reputation will be derailed by typos that ruin the flow.

    We follow the golden rule of WYSIATI.

    It stands for “what you see is all there is,” and it’s a reminder that your audience will consider a pink elephant if you bring it up. If you stick to how beautiful purple elephants are, that’s the discussion. Your presentation copy won’t encourage questions you don’t want asked or assumptions you don’t want made.

    Re:word presentation copywriting is billed by the project.

    You have to be involved because you have to feel comfortable presenting, delivering or sending the presentation. We charge by the project so you can dive in without having to count hours or words.

    We take feedback like pros.

    Ultimately, you’ll know the audience better than we do. If the tone needs to shift more in their direction, we’ll follow your lead and give you what you need.

    Copyediting and proofreading your presentation copy.

    The slide with the typo on it always prompts the most discussion. And if you do manage to move on, you know someone will ask you to go back, giving your gaffe even more prominence while silently stealing more of your thunder as audience members see it for the first time. Let us give it a once over so you never have to live through this.

    French translation for your presentation copy.

    Presenting to French Canadian executives? Insulting them with a sub-par, computer-generated translation of your presentation might not be the way to win them over. Once your presentation copy is laid out in your slides, our editors and proofreaders will go through it to confirm it ready for your francophone audiences.

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      Thanks! As soon as your request makes it through cyberspace, we’ll give it a look. Until then, enjoy the best of Niles Crane. Pound for pound, there’s never been a better TV character.

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