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    Copyediting, Proofreading and French Translation
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    Keep readers reading.

    Your corporate report copy will be:

    • Easily digestible
    • Interesting to read
    • Presented as a story rather than a collection of facts
    • Mathematically accurate
    • Mistake-free to protect your reputation

    Your corporate report copy will position you in the best light.

    If the information is positive, your Re:word copywriter will tout your successes respectfully and look to an even brighter future. If the information is negative, your Re:word copywriter will frame it with acknowledgement and a plan for improvement. Either way, your reader will know you’re doing the right things.

    Your corporate report copy will feel united.

    From the CEO letter off the top to the appendices at the end, your corporate report copy will always feel like it’s coming from the same place. This will give your readers more confidence in the material you’re presenting, and make the reading experience more cohesive and enjoyable.

    We can write your ESG report.

    As ESG reports move from could-haves to must-haves, we can put an ESG report together for your company that satisfies stakeholders, regulators, customers or anyone else with an interest in knowing how your company aligns with 21st-century business values.

    Your corporate report messaging will be a unique brand asset of its own.

    For a subsection of your audience, your corporate reports will be more impactful than any ad, video or social post you put out there. Your Re:word copywriter will take that to heart when putting the copy together, subtly (or otherwise), weaving in your brand language and sensibilities so it becomes a powerful branding touchpoint.

    We’ll make the numbers work for audiences who hate math.

    We’ll pull out the highlights from the data you’re presenting and phrase them in an interesting way for people averse to reviewing charts. This way, even the math-phobic will get where you’ve been and where you’re going.

    Re:word corporate report copywriting is billed by the project.

    A quality corporate report is informed by interviews, data study and storytelling. Some of that will take more time than anyone may think — but if you’re thinking about the clock or the word count, you’re not thinking about how you can help make your next corporate report better. That’s what we need from you, which is why we charge by the project.

    We take feedback like pros.

    Your corporate report copy has to hit the mark on many fronts, from branding to information exchange. If what we give you is missing the mark in any way, we’ll take it back and retarget it so it’s a bullseye across the board.

    Copyediting and proofreading for your corporate report

    If you had your corporate report written internally, we’ll give it a thorough review for spelling and grammar because you’d hate to have one of your most important pieces go out with a boo-boo. We’ll confirm all the facts you’ve thrown in there. And we’ll check the math. If an investor spots an arithmetic error, they’ll be far less confident in reinvesting, and you’d hate to have to reprint an entire run of annual reports on that super-expensive paper stock.

    French translation for your corporate report

    Respecting your French-speaking investors (and their money) means explaining the successes and almost-successes of the year in their language. And because a direct translation normally leads to confusion, Re:word translators will capture the facts and present them in a way that feels like original copy. Once your corporate report is laid out, our copyeditors and proofreaders will confirm the crossed t’s, the dotted i’s and the correct way to display financials in French.

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      Thanks! As soon as your request makes it through cyberspace, we’ll give it a look. Until then, enjoy the best of Niles Crane. Pound for pound, there’s never been a better TV character.

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