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    Copyediting, Proofreading and French Translation
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    Stop. Grab. Read.

    Your brochure copy will:

    • Fit the brochure design
    • Stand out in a sea of other brochures
    • Read simply and clearly, even from a skim
    • Continue the brand feeling you created
    • Be error-free so it doesn’t wind up in the trash

    Your brochure copy will draw your audience in.

    Your Re:word copywriter will tell your story the right way for the medium it’s in, leading your reader from the cover, through the piece and down to the all-important CTA. And when your reader gets there, they’ll take the action you’re calling for.

    Your brochure copy will focus on the right parts of your story.

    You won’t be able say everything in a brochure — especially in one of those small tri-fold brochures. So, your Re:word copywriter will parse apart your story to include the most appropriate pieces — and they’ll recommend a second brochure if necessary.

    We can take any tone you want.

    We’ll craft the copy to fit the goal, and the place your audience is most likely to pick up the brochure. Appearing at a music festival is much different than appearing on a rack in the grocery store, and we’ll take that into account.

    Your brochure copy will deliver the information succinctly.

    It’s unrealistic to expect your reader will have the time to read through your brochure like they’d read a book — which is why economical writing is important. Quick to the point, but expressive enough to drive action: that will be the goal of your Re:word copywriter.

    We take the benefit-driven approach to brochure copy.

    You’re not buying flowers for your wife; you’re looking for forgiveness for that stupid thing you did. You’re not buying a phone with a better camera; you’re capturing crisper moments in time. That’s how we approach your brochure, and what your audience will want from it.

    Re:word brochure copywriting is billed by the piece.

    You may need a brochure for every product or service you offer. Some will take longer than others, but we don’t want you worrying about that. And we certainly don’t want you watching the clock or counting the words. That’s why we charge by the piece.

    We take feedback like pros.

    If you don’t think the copy we give you is going to generate pick-ups (and subsequent pick-ups from those who picked it up), we’ll take it back and get it there.

    Copyediting and proofreading for your brochure.

    One mistake can turn a run of brochures into birdcage lining, so we’ll make sure all your copy’s perfect before it goes to print, whether it’s in French or English. You tell us what you want to put in there and we’ll make it read, look and feel right on the page. And, of course, before we send it back to you, we’ll check it for spelling, grammatical and factual errors so what you put out there for people to consider is as considered as it can be.

    French translation for your brochure.

    French’s relative copy length compared to English makes laying out a brochure infinitely more difficult for designers who slave to keep the look consistent without damaging the design flow. A Re:word translator will capture the essence of what’s being conveyed in an easy-to-lay-out fashion that will make your graphics people happy. And happy graphics people make happy graphics. Once your brochure is laid out, our editors and proofreaders will make sure every word is where it should be.

    I need brochure copy, or better brochure copy.

      And it's off!

      Thanks! As soon as your request makes it through cyberspace, we’ll give it a look. Until then, enjoy the best of Niles Crane. Pound for pound, there’s never been a better TV character.

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