Just because you grew up speaking the English language and communicating in English all through school doesn’t mean you have great English writing skills.  For some people, it just isn’t their thing.  However, that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your English writing skills. You can even improve them fast if you follow some proven tips.  Check these out:

Identify the Issues

First, take the time to identify your main writing issues.  Do you have trouble with spelling?  Grammar?  Getting your message across clearly?  All of the above?  Once you figure out where the issues lie, you’ll be that much closer to fixing them.  Not everyone who has a problem with their English writing skills is bad at every single aspect of communicating in English.

Practice! Practice!

Once you pinpoint the issues, you must practice on a regular basis.  Just like with any other skill, practice is the key to getting better.  Choose a topic each day and then write about it.  Don’t get hung up on the details of what to write about and don’t let anything get in the way of your practice.  Focus on your main problem areas and you will start to improve.

Mix It Up

Don’t be afraid to mix up the topics you write about during your practice sessions to prevent boredom.  It also helps prevent writer’s block.  You can write about absolutely anything in the entire world.  Make up a story, describe a meal you had recently, write about the pros and cons of your cell phone.  As long as you can work on your English writing issues, all topics are fair game.

Read More

Just like writing more will help, reading more will also help your writing.  Read about topics or stories that you find interesting and you’ll be surprised at the progress you’ll make with your English writing skills.  Just become a regular reader if you aren’t already and see where it takes you.

Give Us a Call

English writing skills is one of our specialties here at Re:word, so have us edit your work to take your writing to a whole new level and identify some of your problem areas.  Whether English is your first language or you’re a French speaker who needs to improve their English writing skills…we have writing, editing, proofreading and translation services that will help!