How to Avoid Redundancy

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How to Avoid Redundancy

How to Avoid RedundancySaying the same exact thing twice in the same sentence is a waste of everyone’s time. Being redundant is almost like being irrelevant. And if you really think about it, saying something more than once is simply not necessary. It comes off as careless writing with less thought put in. If people see that you don’t show respect to the craft for writing, they could very easily take their reading elsewhere.

One instance of whatever it is you’re saying should be more than enough to get the message across. The following examples demonstrate some redundant phrasing that can be further refined.

Also, As Well, And, Too

If you use too many of these (and by too many, we mean more than one) to highlight the same clause, you’re being redundant. Saying something is also happening in addition to happening as well doesn’t make the statement any stronger. In fact, it does the opposite. Pick just one. Any of the aforementioned examples work, as long as it’s just one.

Also, the report showed an increase in sales as well.

Also, the report showed an increase in sales.

The report showed an increase in sales as well.

But, Yet, Because, Thus

Some people like to use two of these words side by side when starting a sentence. You don’t need both. In fact, you really don’t need either. But if you must use one as a bridge between sentences, all you need is one.

Yet, because of the drop in sales, the company needed to downsize.

Yet, the drop in sales caused the company to downsize.

Because of the drop in sales, the company needed to downsize.

See how you only need one? Think of dropping an extra word as de-cluttering your writing. Your sentences will read much more fluidly, making them easier to digest. Remember that in most cases, less is more.

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