The Ultimate Copywriting/Copyediting Playlist

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The Ultimate Copywriting/Copyediting Playlist

Listening to a playlistIn 2001, researchers studied how background music affected the quality of people’s writing. The findings showed that “background music significantly disrupted writing fluency” — a fairly cut-and-dry case for writing in silence.

Unless you’re one of those people who finds silence louder than noise. Or you’re the kind of person who feeds off secondary sensory stimulation (creativity in one area is heightened by exposure to creativity in another). In fact, many non-professionals forced into copywriting or copyediting find secondary sensory stimulation to be helpful in tackling the task at hand and feeling good about the results.

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Language Legends

As copywriters, copyeditors, proofreaders and translators, our heroes are people with a gift for words. In this new regular addition to our blog, we’ll be looking at the men and women whose voices transcend their industries and whose words are quoted, remembered and revered.

Rick Jeanneret —The Bellow of Buffalo

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Hello, I’m Memorable: 4 Keys to Naming a Business or Product

Amazing company names and their logosLet’s talk about what seems like the easiest thing in the world to do, but the hardest thing to do really well: give something a name.

Have you listened to parents recount the way they came to their kids’ names? You’ll get the odd “we just knew we had to name her Gertrude” or “we both said Skye at the same time” or “my dad’s name was William so it was a no-brainer.”

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Editors’ Most Hated Mistakes – Part 2

Editors’ Most Hated MistakesAs promised, we’ve compiled a new crop of editing nightmares for those who share the frustration. These cringe-inducing habits are the literary equivalent of socks and sandals. Seeing them can render even the most verbose wordsmith speechless (and they always have something wise to say). Without further ado, here they are in no particular order. Kindly do not follow suit.

Saying till Instead of until

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Not Everyone is an Editor

Not Everyone is an EditorWhat? You mean to say that my friend who taught fifth-grade English once isn’t qualified to edit my entrance essay to an Ivy League school? Right. And neither is your friend who taught ESL abroad for a year after finishing university.

Just because you have experience with words or love to read (both great qualities, no doubt) doesn’t mean you should be advertising yourself as an editor. A lot of people think they know everything that editing entails just because they know the difference between your and you’re or between a conjunction and a conjugation. Congratulations! You’re literate. You’re still not an editor.

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Editors’ Most Hated Mistakes – Part 1

Editors’ Most Hated MistakesIf you’ve edited anything for an extended period of time, you’ll understand how infuriating the tiniest mistakes can be. You’ll also know that intense feeling of wanting to flip a table, punch a hole in a wall (or face) or destroy whatever device you’re editing on. Excessive use of profanity is a given.

The following is our first crop of editors’ most-hated instances of wrongdoing to the written word. Please, please, please don’t make these mistakes. You’ll make the world a better place in so many ways.

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How to Avoid Redundancy

How to Avoid RedundancySaying the same exact thing twice in the same sentence is a waste of everyone’s time. Being redundant is almost like being irrelevant. And if you really think about it, saying something more than once is simply not necessary. It comes off as careless writing with less thought put in. If people see that you don’t show respect to the craft for writing, they could very easily take their reading elsewhere.

One instance of whatever it is you’re saying should be more than enough to get the message across. The following examples demonstrate some redundant phrasing that can be further refined.

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