Good Copy Starts with a Good Copy Deck Template

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Good Copy Starts with a Good Copy Deck Template

A copy deck is a Word document with the copy for a piece. Copy will usually stay in deck form until it’s approved by all stakeholders, then copied and past-ed into the design.

Interestingly, the term “deck” dates to the mid 20th century when presentation slides were stacked next to a projector like a deck of cards. Eventually, the in-dividual pieces that made up the final design were called decks as well (copy decks, strategy decks, pitch decks, etc.).

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What you should know about becoming a copywriter

On the last day of most copywriting courses, the program director will put all the students together in a room and tell them what to expect from becoming a copywriter at an ad agency.

If they’re honest, it’ll sound like the most cutthroat, back-stabbing, ego-fuelled mess of a life one could imagine. And if the students are honest, they’re all itching to get out there.

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Brain Stuffing

Copywriting is cool because it’s always different. In the past few weeks, we’ve:

– named a satellite
– convinced a province of voters to stand up for a union being squeezed
– developed a manual for a weather tracker
– created a brand for a new vertical farming company
– wrote bios for 39 exceptional Indigenous Canadians

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The copywriter’s unwritten responsibility

Copywriters have an unwritten responsibility to elevate the discourse because they’re in a great position to do it for these reasons:

We have to tell the truthhigh jump - the copywriters unwritten responsibility

Truth is tough to find these days. What’s real? What’s fake? Who has an agenda and what do they want people to think? This skepticism has tainted our relationships with news media, artists and filmmakers, governments and each other.

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