How to Choose the Perfect Book as a Gift

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How to Choose the Perfect Book as a Gift

Books as Presents - IMageWe like to include books as part of every birthday gift. Sometimes they’re novels, other times they’re books of quotes like the one above. And they’re never the whole gift, so don’t think we’re those jerks who give books because we write and edit for a living.

We give books because we love ideas. And the written word is still the best way to share them.

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The Right Moment for a Perfectly Timed Curse Word

12716692273_6e188de31d_zEven those who aren’t avid cursers will let an F-bomb out at the appropriate time. WTF? There’s an appropriate time to swear? All you polite rule-followers may want to listen up because we’re about to share all the times when you can get away with a perfect dose of profanity.

At the peak of pain.

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