How to Write the Perfect Greeting Card

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How to Write the Perfect Greeting Card

greeting cardWith the holiday season behind us, the surplus of unique sentiments got us thinking of what makes a good card so good. (We’re talking about the ones we wrote for our own special someones, although we’d be happy to write greeting cards for clients too).

Who doesn’t love watching the subtle curve of a smile form on their reader’s face, slowly revealing more teeth and adding to their wrinkle count? Knowing that your words did that is a special kind of feeling, one that’s known to render the gift itself irrelevant.

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First Date Words to Live By

first dateWhere to begin with this one? With the domination of the Internet, social media, dating apps, online dating sites, along with the dynamic of today’s nosey/exhibitionist culture, it’s hard to determine what works best. The lines of appropriateness, timing and etiquette have all blurred into one giant, messy, confusing grey area of interaction. It’s beautiful under certain lighting.

One constant though is that a first date is about communication. And your words, among things like body language, facial expression and style of dress, are at the forefront of that communication.

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What Makes Good Writing Good?

person-apple-laptop-notebookWith all the bad and (closely second) mediocre writing out there, seeing real quality is refreshing for any level of word nerd out there. Assuming all the words are correctly arranged and grammatically sound, there’s lots more to consider when deciding how well-written it is.

Well-executed prose, a good story, a nicely balanced cadence of short and long words and sentences, along with a compelling flow of events, all contribute to upping writing’s value. When all of these components are on point, you can make an instruction manual worthy of a Pulitzer.

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Misused and Overly Exaggerated Words

over;y exaggerated wordsNext time you read a body of text, pay closer attention to what’s actually being said. More than likely, you’ll notice some terms and expressions that are used in ways that don’t quite fit when you really think about it. A lot of these are so common that we overlook their absurdity as our eyeballs skim over them and our brains don’t decide to register them fully.

Agree or disagree as you wish. But the following examples are infuriatingly misused. Turn on that light bulb and think about it before writing it down. Especially before publishing it.

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