Which is the correct past tense?

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Which is the correct past tense?

18452561_sThe following examples ought to clarify the confusion many have regarding which version of the past tense to use. There seems to be a misconception that one is correct and the other isn’t, however, this isn’t the case. It’s actually very simple. In most of the following cases, both versions of the given words are acceptable, wherein one (-ed) is more widely used in North America and the other (-t) is used more so outside of North America (the UK, Australia, etc.).

Learned vs. Learnt

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The Run-down on Capital Letters

A_(capital_and_small).svgFor the most part, distinguishing between when it’s appropriate to use capital letters is pretty straightforward. Places like the start of a sentence and people’s names are no-brainers. However, there are instances where people use them that aren’t always correct. For the sake of consistency, you should be aware of the right ways to capitalize. So here are the right times to use capital letters.

Most essentially, capitals are used in proper nouns and titles (words that describe specific entities). For example, if you were to use the word president on its own, it would be lower case. If used specifically to describe someone like President Bill Clinton, both the title and the name are capitalized. See how that works? The same principle applies to the word university, for example. You can say someone read many books while attending university. Or you can say they read many books while attending the University of Toronto.

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Spring Cleaning: Is it time to refresh your website?

33960331_sThat dreaded time of year is upon us. Although spring cleaning isn’t the most exciting thing in the world to do, it’s necessary for getting rid of what we no longer need. Both to de-clutter and make room for better things as well as to keep things organized.

A good ol’ fashioned cleanup is particularly important for a website. Because of the nature of anything that lives online, you need to stay on top of things to ensure you’re always up to date and relevant. Whether this pertains to what services you offer, what tone you present yourself in or where you’re located, it’s a good idea to make sure these things are in check from time to time.

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To Join Words or Keep Them Separated?

16897006_sAre we going all together or travelling as a whole altogether? This distinction is often confused. So, we thought we’d bring our attention to it so you can avoid any future misuse. The following examples will demonstrate when to keep it as one word, and when to use two words instead.

Altogether vs. All Together

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