How Proofreading Services Can Make Your Next Presentation a Success

proofread-presentationHaving a way with people, an ability to speak in front of crowds and some fancy graphics with the latest technology can enhance a presentation, but if the information you share with that crowd is lacking, your presentation won’t bring the results you were hoping for.

That’s where professional proofreading services can help.  (more…)

5 Things People Often Miss When Proofreading Their Own Work

proofreading-serviceIt’s no secret that one of the more important elements of writing is cleaning up after yourself when you’re done.  You may have a killer concept, bold ideas and brave insights, but you can sure leave a mess on that page once these ideas are all out of your head.

That’s why we’re taught to proofread our work after we’ve finished writing.  However, just like when we were told to clean our rooms as children, we seldom get it all cleaned up when proofreading our own writing.  Here are 5 things that are often missed: (more…)