Here’s the thing about translation…you may need it all the time or only once in a long while, but it had better be accurate when you do it. Not many blunders will make you or your organization look as silly and unprofessional as poorly translated text. This is why we dedicated a previous post to the perils of using Google Translate.

It’s also why doing it yourself in any capacity can cause big problems. Even if you can carry on a conversation in French or another language, it doesn’t mean you have the skills to translate effectively. Look for these qualities when you need a good translation service. 

Keeping It Real

As mentioned above, automated translation services simply cannot do the job each and every time. When searching for a translation service, insist that they use real people to read through every document and every word. Real humans entering your work into an automated system doesn’t count either!

Saying What You Mean

One of the primary benefits of using real people for translation is that the true meaning, context and tone of your work isn’t literally “lost in translation.” Real people who are fluent in both languages understand what you mean to say and how you mean to say it, so they can keep that meaning when the words are translated into a new language.

Just imagine having an important document or even a website translated to a new language, and the most important idea or point was unintentionally modified because the translation was poorly done. The tone and context are often the elements that make all the difference.

Not Your First Rodeo


Look for a translation service with real people who have a proven track record providing high-quality translation in the specific languages you require. It’s not always going to be English to French or vice versa. Make a point of asking whether they have experience translating the languages you want, because you need appropriately experienced translators.

Customer Service

Naturally, you want exceptional customer service to be part of the package when looking for a translation service. That means easy to reach, suitable timelines, willing to explain every aspect of the process, always cordial and professional, and affordable prices don’t hurt either. Check out what we have to offer, or just give us a call and we will explain everything to you.