So you’re at a point in your business where you need to put all your English content into French to make your website bilingual. Great! But where do you start? Instead of trying to summon some of your broken high-school French, look for the most important aspect of translation: fluency.

While knowing the approximate meaning of something in another language is ok if you’re a tourist in search of the local theatre, your business needs the exactness and sensibility of a fluent, native speaker. You want every phrase and every word to say what it intends to say.

Online translators lack the capacity to distinguish tone, meaning and common phrases. While they usually work for single-word translation (even then they don’t know how to decipher context), using them for phrases will give you a direct word-for-word translation. And those are never pretty.

Things like grammatical structure, verbiage and masculine/feminine word distinctions differ between languages. These are all things that only a real human being who is fluent in both given languages can fully understand. This real person’s real-life experience in talking the talk is what you need for the best translation service. It’s worth it for your business — because we take it seriously the way you take your business seriously.

Our translators are native Quebecois French speakers that could give your high-school French teacher a run for her money. If you’re looking for perfectly, exactly and fluently translated content, you’re at the right place.