Dan went apple picking this week with his kid and twelve other kids. It quickly descended into little shits throwing apples at one another and tired parents trying to avoid black eyes. Good times.

And then something lovely happened. Here’s how he tells it.

“I’d had it. Seriously, man. I was ready to leave him there. And as I led him by the arm towards the check-out barn to pay for our apples, I laughed for the first time all afternoon. I saw this fantastic sign on the barn door, and the corners of my mouth went up without me trying really hard to feign happiness. I could’ve kissed the orchard master for that.”

First of all, Dan — well played on “orchard master.” So much better than “owner.” But also, that natural grin you described is a common effect of good writing, because good writing’s easy to read. And easy makes us smile.

That goes for writing in any medium. How many more instruction manuals would get read if they weren’t written with such little consideration for readability? And how many accidents could be avoided because of it?

In the boardroom, how many awkward snoring situations could be avoided if the writing in the presentations wasn’t so dry and verbose?

And don’t even get us started on websites. Or get us started on websites. Maybe your website? We do those, y’know.

BTW, here’s the sign Dan saw:

unattended children