Although they come off as tiny, insignificant, miniscule mistakes, typos are far from that.

It can happen to the best of us. As we’re typing away at lightning speed, we forget to add the apostrophe in it’s or include the e in breathe, and autocorrect doesn’t call us out because those words aren’t wrong. And then, there they are — typos. Until autocorrect figures out how to apply grammar to context, you’re going to have to be more careful.

Now, we’re not saying that producing typos makes you the worst person in the world. But carelessly overlooking them without doing any sort of editing does put the blame on you — or worse, on your business. Publishing your content with typos really doesn’t look good. Whether it’s a website, presentation, proposal, or even an email, seemingly miniscule spelling and grammar mistakes affect your credibility, diminish you as an authoritative figure, belittle your business and are just downright embarrassing.

Many people tend to overlook such details until the unthinkable happens. Their new website goes live, they send a proposal to their client, they submit their essay. By then, it’s likely too late because the damage is already done. Even if the intended audience recognizes your mistake as an honest typo, it still comes off as careless that you couldn’t be bothered to read over what you wrote. And what does that say about you? Nothing commendable.

Hereto is where we stress the importance of hiring professional editing services.  It’s valuable for you to look over your own writing after you’re done — you’ll be sure to spot those pesky typos. But, if you don’t trust yourself enough with that responsibility and want to be sure everything is perfectly correct before sending it off, it’s more than worthwhile to ask a professional to look it over. Risking your reputation and credibility isn’t worth it. Take advantage of a set of trained eagle eyes. As always, we’re here to help.