All-too-common words are usually found at the start of sentences. Often, these words are just filler and set you up to write run-on sentences. The thing is, these words aren’t always necessary to your sentence. When overused, they do more harm than good. And more than anything, these words are boring, stale and lacking in any sort of life.

The following is a list of the most common words that editors either like to cut or replace in text to make the writing more dynamic and appealing. Just because we care so much, we’re including some potential replacements to make things easier. Otherwise, removing these words completely works as a solution in many cases as well.

And, Also: As well, in addition to, moreover, furthermore, plus, what’s more

But: Yet, however, conversely, nevertheless, although, despite

So: Thus, therefore, hence, accordingly, as such

Because: As a result, for this reason, considering

Have, Get: These two can take on a multitude of meanings depending on their context. Consult a thesaurus if you must to find more interesting alternatives.