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Our trade show copywriting services team will craft your message for a booth to spark interest, elicit questions and form connections. The price you paid to be there will feel worth it.

About our trade show writing services

We start by understanding your purpose for being at the trade show. Are you there to sell? To generate leads? To invite people to enter a contest? Then we’ll work with your experiential designers to flow your messaging through each touchpoint. If you’re smart (and we are), you’ll capitalize on every square inch. For example, you’ll have cards to hand out, but is there a prompt we can write on the table next to your cards that encourages people to grab one? And could there be a call to action on your giant sign that you haven’t thought of yet? We’ll think of all this, and we’ll get you to think about it too.

Trade show copyediting and proofreading

We’ll look at every piece of collateral you plan to bring with you to make sure it’s all accurate, spelled correctly and looking sharp. Because the last thing you want is erroneous materials floating around the room for everyone to mock. We’ll also make sure your materials adhere perfectly to your style guide, so the transition from booth to website is seamless. And if you have a specialized mobile app for the show, we’ll edit and proofread that as well at either the copy deck or final mock stage.

French translation for trade show copy

Trade shows are increasingly international affairs, so we’ll prepare you for any potential buyer that walks by your booth with tightly translated copy that attracts, informs, persuades and converts. Once your booth signage and swag copy is laid out in their respective designs, our editors and proofreaders will double and triple check it to make sure you show up making the best impression.

Trade show writing tip

You know the kind of swag your audience will find valuable. But to make it valuable for you, add a relevant message to it along with your logo. For example, if you’re a strategic messaging company at an industrial machinery trade show, you might give out earplugs that say, “You do the work. We’ll do the listening.”

How Can We Help You?

If it’s on the list, we can do it. If it’s not on the list, we can probably still do it. Either way, let’s talk.

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