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Your hot shot design will attract a shopper’s eye, but our product packaging copywriting services will get your product picked up, examined and tossed into the cart. Retailers love when that happens.

About our product packaging copywriting services

We start by getting to know everything about your brand and your product. From there, we look at the label design you already have and work to fit the most compelling message within those parameters. If you don’t have a package design yet, we can provide you with copy first, then work with your design team to help give it the best layout possible.

And our work doesn’t stop at the front of your package. We’ll do the back as well, including nutritional information, instructional copy and whatever else your consumer will want to know before checking out with your product.

Product packaging copyediting and proofreading

Many of our clients produce multiple products and multiple SKUs within those product lines (think Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, etc.). We’ll go through each one to ensure the information is accurate, the conventions are being followed and the copy looks right in the design. Once everything looks good, we’ll give each label a final proofread and bless it for printing.

French translation for product packaging

If you require a French version of your product packaging, we can deliver it. And because French is generally 15–20 percent longer than English copy, we won’t do a direct translation. Instead, we’ll capture the essence of what you’re conveying so it fits within the confines of your package design. Once your packaging copy is laid out in a nice little (ahem) package, our editors and proofreaders will re-review to make sure everything fits where it should.

Product packaging writing tip

You have very limited space so make the most of it. Use your copy to convey how your product will improve the users’ lives. For example, low-sodium bacon won’t make their lives better, but a healthier breakfast will.

How Can We Help You?

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