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Have a name that stops and a tagline that pops.

Your name is the first thing a customer will know about you. And if you don’t choose well, it might be the last. Follow up a killer name with an equally killer tagline and people will know exactly what you stand for — and once they know that, choosing you becomes so much easier. That’s what our name and tagline copywriters can do.

The approach taken by our name and tagline copywriters

The first thing you should know about coming up with a great name and tagline for a company, product or service is that it takes time. Sure, it’s only a few words, but they’re the most important words you’ll have.

We begin by getting to know your business. But more than that, we get to know you and your personality, because your name and tagline should be a reflection of both. Then we start generating options, checking them against what’s out there and, more importantly, what’s available as a url.

We’ll present you with our top picks, along with rationales for each, and you’ll pick the one you like.

Copyediting and proofreading for names and taglines

If you decide to generate your own names and taglines, we’ll give you the objective feedback you need. You may think your tagline’s conveying the perfect sentiment when it’s not. You may think your name is the cleverest on the planet when it’s actually too clever by half. It happens all the time because most people get way too close to the names they come up with.

French translation for names and taglines

Names generally don’t need to be translated, but taglines do. And they generally can’t be literally translated or they’ll lose their edge. Our translators will capture the essence and still keep it punchy.

Name and tagline writing tip

A name that describes what you do will take a lot of pressure off your tagline and give it more room to convey how you do it better, stronger or faster.

How Can We Help You?

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