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Not every buyer of your product is going to read the manual. But those who do will read every word. You’ll hear from them if it’s not helpful. Or worse: you’ll read about your imperfections on review sites, right next to a terribly low number. That’s why manual writing services is worth the investment.

About our manual writing services

It’s simple: We use your product over and over again until we can use it with our eyes closed. Then we actually use it with our eyes closed. We learned that technique from two of our friends in the Canadian military who can assemble and disassemble a rifle while blindfolded. We saw them do it once. Very cool.

From there, we describe the steps as simply and efficiently as possible. But unlike most manuals that are just as good at boring you as they are at teaching you, we like to add just enough flair to make your manual copy slightly more enjoyable than, well, manual copy.

Manual copyediting and proofreading

One mistake in the manual can turn anything into a paperweight — or worse, turn a customer into an annoyed customer. So we’ll make sure there are no mistakes. Not with the language, not with the step numbering, not with the details. And right before you send your manual to print, we’ll proofread it and find the little mistakes that could lead to big mistakes, like the time we kept millions of BIY furniture shoppers from freaking out over five missing screws (13 vs. 18).

French translation for manual copy

If you have to read a manual, it’s much easier if the copy’s written in your mother tongue, and even more so if it’s engaging. Whether we write the English manual copy for you or you bring it to us, our translators will capture the steps word for word so your products are easy to use across the country. Once your manual copy is laid out, our editors and proofreaders will go through the whole thing to make sure anyone francophone can follow along.

Manual writing tip

It’s easy to be redundant in manual copy, especially with nouns. Drop them where you can to give the manual more breathing room. This is especially helpful for employee operating manuals when time is of the essence.

Locate the three lug nuts. Put the first lug nut in Slot A. Put the second lug nut in Slot B. Put the third lug nut in Slot C.

Locate the three lug nuts. Put the first in Slot A, the second in Slot B and the third in Slot C.

Et voilà: 22.8 percent shorter.

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