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English-French and French-English translation that reads like original copy.

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Real people with real credentials. That’s what makes our English-French or French-English translation service unique. We know the colloquialisms and understand cadence. And we’ll never make your international audience feel the way you do when you read a poor English translation.

No topic is too complicated. No piece is too long. And with enough lead time, most deadlines are manageable.


Online, you can get English-French or French-English translation quickly and cheaply. But it probably won’t be very good. Your readers will feel disrespected because you didn’t take the time or spend the money to speak to them in their language. And not respecting someone is the best way to send them elsewhere.


Respect the hard work writers (yours or ours) put into a job by going beyond the words to capture the essence. We can work with content across sectors, including automotive, tech, retail, B2B, medical, educational and motivational. We can translate anything from ads and reports to packaging and social posts; and we can work independently or with your in-house translation team.


It’s your duty to present quality French translation. We take that seriously. Your message can’t be read like it’s been translated by a computer. It has to read like it was written by a native French-Canadian. With us, it will be.

Our translators are:

Fully bilingual

(we think in both languages)

Mastery of the subtle differences between the written and spoken.

Familiarity with the lexical and typographical differences between European French and Canadian French.

Good writers

(we give the work a unique voice)

The ability to capture tone.

Experience with big brands, agencies and organizations.


A word about same-day turnaround
A good English-French or French-English translation service is about matching the words, message and tone. It takes time, but it’s time well-spent.

How Can We Help You?

If it’s on the list, we can do it. If it’s not on the list, we can probably still do it. Either way, let’s talk.

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