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Your exhibit is telling a story. Your copy should be driving its message home, filling in its blanks and directing your guests to its most important parts. Our exhibit copywriting services will get you better reviews, more recommendations and higher revenues.

About our exhibit copywriting services

We write what we’d like to see up on the wall: well-researched, friendly explanations that take us through what we’re looking at and why it’s important. We’ll rely on you to give us the general information, but then we’ll do our own legwork to get the story right. And we’ll make sure that every block has a similar tone and feel so your guests aren’t taken out of the moment by inconsistency. From short blurbs to longer descriptions, it will all fit naturally into the environment you’ve curated so carefully.

Exhibit copyediting and proofreading

When subject-matter experts put material together, it can sometimes feel like it was written by subject-matter experts, and who wants to read that? Not us, and certainly not many of your laymen guests who paid good money to get a little illumination. We’ll go through the content you provide to make sure it connects with all audiences. And given what you’ll probably spend on building a top-notch environment, it’d be a shame for a typo to undermine all that work. So we’ll check all content before it goes up or out.

French translation for exhibit copy

If your exhibit copy requires a translation, you can rely on us to make sure it’s done right. And that doesn’t mean a direct translation. Instead, we’ll redraft the key messages with the nuances of French so your francophone guests get to enjoy the same experience. Once your exhibit writeups are designed, our editors and proofreaders will confirm the facts and the flow.

Exhibit writing tip

You’re better off catering to the masses in your exhibit copy and offering additional reading for your more interested guests. As long as you’re honest about who your “masses” are, you’ll be in great shape.

How Can We Help You?

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