Doing Business in Canada? You Need a Quebecois French Translator for Your Web Copy

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Doing Business in Canada? You Need a Quebecois French Translator for Your Web Copy

translation servicesIf you are a business that hopes to make a splash in the Canadian market, you are leaving money on the table if you don’t have French-language copy on your site.  Canada has two official languages, and while many feel that French-speakers only make up a tiny fraction of the population that isn’t worth addressing, that’s untrue.  Some of the stats about French speakers in Canada will surprise most Canadians, not to mention companies from other countries. 

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What to Look For When Choosing English-to-French Translation Services

translation-servicesIf there is one thing you really don’t want to get wrong in business copy, it’s the translation of information to a different language.  There is no better way to offend large groups of people than to translate a marketing message, essay, website or report incorrectly.  Sometimes, an improperly translated document isn’t just a little different than it was intended to be.  Sometimes it has a completely different meaning that can leave you and your company looking foolish.  In Canada, we have two official languages and the translation is often from English to French.  Here’s what to look for when choosing English-to-French translation services.


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