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Theatre of the mind will never die, despite all the “radio is dead” claims. And now that Internet radio is here to stay, you have full creative freedom to catch the attention of people in cars, and that makes our radio script writing services team very happy. We’re not saying you should start dropping f-bombs, but it’s nice to know you can if you really want to.

About our radio script writing services

We start with a super tight brief, which we write by talking to you and drilling down exactly what you want to communicate (exact matters when you only have 30 seconds).

Then we go away and come up with ideas — lots and lots of ideas. And we’ll have fun doing it because radio is probably the most fun a copywriter can have. Dialogues. Monologues. Jingles. Silence. Crazy sound effects. Whatever. Some will be terrible, most will be meh, but the good ones will be fantastic. They’ll literally stop traffic. They’ll make Internet radio listeners who haven’t paid to go ad-free feel okay about not going ad-free.

But most of all, they’ll stick inside listeners’ heads. And when the time’s right, they’ll do what they’re supposed to do: drive the right action.

Copyediting and proofreading for radio scripts

Copyediting isn’t that big of a deal when it comes to radio, but fact-checking is. Because studio time’s expensive. Voice talent is very expensive. And air time is very, very expensive. So, if you hear a mistake in your spot, it’ll be a very, very, very expensive mistake to correct.

French translation for radio scripts

French uses so many more words than English does to say the same thing, but 30 seconds is still 30 seconds. So instead of making your talent speed read through your script, our translators will capture the essence of your message in just the right amount of time.

Radio script writing tip

Like on a page, white space can be powerful in radio. Leave room in your scripts for pauses. A second here and there to let your listener internalize what they’ve heard makes a world of difference.

How Can We Help You?

If it’s on the list, we can do it. If it’s not on the list, we can probably still do it. Either way, let’s talk.

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