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Yes, your customers have to buy into you before they buy from you, but they’ll eventually need a functional reason to pull the trigger. Our product description writing services team will give them juicy copy that compels serious consideration. A good description lets readers know in no uncertain terms what they can expect from your product and why they shouldn’t want to go another day without it.

About our product description writing services

We try to use every product we describe. We think first-hand experience with a product adds credibility to the description. Otherwise, it’s like writing a review for a movie you never saw. Then, we’ll turn your product’s features into simple benefits your readers can understand. And don’t worry if you think your product is too complicated. We’re used to that. And every product has a simple reason to buy.

We’ve created product descriptions for companies in cannabis, food and beverage, technology, automotive, packaged goods and fashion. And we deliver high-volume requests in chunks.

Product description copyediting and proofreading

First, we’ll put our consumer hat on and make sure your product description copy is understandable and easy enough to follow. If it’s not, we’ll show you where and why. Depending on the subject matter, we’ll present alternatives.

Then we’ll put our CEO hat on to make sure your product description copy is on brand, truthful and demonstrative of the quality you’re offering (i.e., no embarrassing typos).

Product description French translation

Butchering someone’s language isn’t the best way to make a sale. It makes the benefit hard to understand, and it’s rather disrespectful to someone ready to give you money. Our translators will make sure you mic-drop every description: Here’s what it is. Here’s what it does. Here’s why you should want it. Boom.

Once you’ve laid out your description, we’ll give the French a proofread to make sure nothing got lost in the transfer.

Product description writing tip

Customers notice if your product description copy doesn’t follow the tone established everywhere else. They feel like they’re being passed off to someone else. No one likes being abandoned.

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