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Present better.
Tight slides. A clear message. The occasional smile. A strong call to action. That’s what our presentation writing services team will give you. You’ll be more comfortable at the front of the room, and closer to the consensus you’re looking for.

About our presentation writing services

We believe in more slides and less copy per slide. Why? Because who’s going to read 200 words up on a screen? Not us. Not you. And definitely not your 8 am audience. Besides, the fewer words there are, the more impact each one has.

Sometimes, clients give us reams of data, reports and research to craft into a compelling presentation. Other times, they give us nothing but a direction and rely on us to do the legwork. We’re good either way.

Presentation copyediting and proofreading

Ever notice that the slide with the typo on it is the slide that always prompts the most discussion?

You find yourself standing up there next to a little gaffe (that, of course, feels giant because it’s on a big screen), and all you want to do is move on. But there’s still more to say. And if you do flip to the next slide, someone’s going to ask you to go back, which will give your audience a chance to see it with fresh eyes. Exactly what you should have done the night before. Because now the typo’s plain as day to everyone in the room. As is your shame.

If you put your own presentation together, let us give it a once over so you never have to live through this.

French translation for presentations

Presenting to French Canadian executives? Insulting them with a sub-par, computer-generated translation of your presentation might not be the way to win them over. Just saying.

Once your presentation copy is laid out in your slides, our editors and proofreaders will go through it to confirm its readiness for your francophone audiences.

Presentation writing tip

You should have enough to say about every slide to keep it up long enough for the information to be retained. And what you say should accompany your presentation, not regurgitate it. Your audience is more than capable of reading.

How Can We Help You?

If it’s on the list, we can do it. If it’s not on the list, we can probably still do it. Either way, let’s talk.

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