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Dramatize your stats.

If they tell a good story, your infographic content will follow suit. If they don’t, your infographic copy will explain why. Either way, our infographic writing services team will keep it short to make designing it easier.

About our infographic writing services

We know design and numbers lead infographic creation. It’s why we like to work with designs from the beginning of an infographic project, as we like to take their lead on tone and length.

If you’re engaging us first, that’s no problem. We can provide visual suggestions, if you want visual suggestions from writers and editors who can’t draw. Then we’ll rewrite based on your feedback of our suggestions. Our first-level, rudimentary suggestions. See, we’re good with words. Design, not so much.

Infographic copyediting and proofreading

We find that infographics have more pre-edit mistakes than almost any other document type we work on. Maybe it’s the cut-and-paste-into-copy-blocks process? That’s why we edit infographic copy three times: once in copy deck form, and twice once it’s laid out.

In the deck, we’ll keep you from becoming a lack-of-thought leader by fact-checking, spell-checking and arithmetic-checking everything. On the layouts, we look for copy-related issues like bad line breaks, and propose a good home for those widows and orphans. Good-looking infographics always pull better.

French translation for infographics

We won’t directly translate your infographic because we probably won’t be able to fit in all the copy. But we’ll capture the key points that need to come through and present them in the best way possible. Once you’ve laid out your infographic, we can give the French a proofread to double check your é’s, è’s and ç’s.

Infographic writing tip

Get creative with your typography so the right words stand out. The copy’s already competing with tight graphics. You don’t want key findings getting lost.

How Can We Help You?

If it’s on the list, we can do it. If it’s not on the list, we can probably still do it. Either way, let’s talk.

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